Human Resources

Tat Nisasta’s  Human Resources Policy  can be defined as employing the right person to do the right job in accordance with our customer focused approach, to select high calibre staff for our corporate roles. Our  maintain is long term working relationships with our employees.

We will always stand by our colleagues with our pledge to share quality time, information and ethical respect, along with our vision and mission to be open to new ideas, to be creative, reliable and contemporary in respect of our human resources policy.

Tat Nisasta Businees  is a pioneer in Corn based food  production sector which  gives every oppurtunity to its employees to develop their personal and professional skills.

Tat Nisasta’s aim is  to provide employee satisfaction which is a main factor in our continuing success, by offering a working environment that stimulates enthusiasm and pride; by continuously improving the full potential of our employee’s knowledge, skills and competency. In remaining customer-focused, respectful to ethical and social values and always striving to win, we intend to remain the Company of choice to work for and to keep this position by constant improvement.

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